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Kiersted/Systems – LegalTech NY

Last week (February 1 to 3), I worked with Kiersted/Systems (a company specializing in full service e-discovery) at LegalTech NY in New York City.  To celebrate their smart solutions and smart customers, Kiersted/Systems decided to give away a smart car!

It was my main responsibility to scan the badges of attendees who were interested in the smart car sweepstakes and/or Kiersted/Systems themselves.  Due to the scanning machines available at this event, we were limited in the options for categorizing the attendee information – quickly thinking on my feet, I created a system of patterns working within our listed options to enable the sales people to follow up more efficiently.  At this event, more badges were scanned during the first day than in the prior show in its entirety.  This trend was continued through out the second day as well (doubling the leads from the prior show in just two days this year).  I was also responsible for overseeing any paper submissions (business cards or entry forms) and we did collect a number of those as well.  After scanning an attendee’s badge (or assisting with a paper sweepstakes entry) and categorizing his/her interest for our system, I provided basic information about Kiersted/Systems and introduced him/her to a company representative who was specifically involved with that area of interest or provided applicable literature for him/her to take home.  This event went very well and I enjoyed being a part of it.

– Comments from Linda Gordon, VP – Sales & Marketing at Kiersted/Systems –

“Robyn did a wonderful job for us at the Kiersted / Systems booth. She was extremely professional, has a terrific can-do attitude and added great value to the booth, the show and to the team. So glad she was part of our show. “

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