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SGIA – BelQuette

This week (October 19 to 21, 2011), I was in New Orleans with BelQuette for the SGIA trade show. BelQuette designs, manufactures, and supports digital direct-to-garment printers. At SGIA 2011, we were promoting both the Flexi-Jet and the Mod-1 to attendees.

This was the second year I have participated in this event (read about last year’s SGIA
and some of the other garment industry events I have been contracted for by BelQuette: NBM – Indianapolis, ISS – Atlantic City, ISS – Orlando, ISS – Long Beach).

My main responsibilities on-site were welcoming visitors (clients, partners, and prospects), qualifying potential leads and making the appropriate introductions, as well as demonstrating BelQuette’s most relevant offerings for our guests. Also, I collected the contact information of our visitors and recorded notes about each encounter to ease the post-show follow up process for BelQuette’s sales team.  My participation at SGIA 2011 was beneficial because, in working as a team with company representatives, we were able to strengthen connections with existing partners and VIP clients outside of the booth while continuing to expand awareness and understanding of BelQuette’s offerings through interaction with new partners and prospects in the booth.

– Comments from Brett Weibel, President at BelQuette –

“Robyn has become a valued addition to our trade show staff.  We have utilized her experience and techniques to improve our exposure to future clients at our trade shows.  Robyn always carries herself in a professional manner which helps our corporate image.  She has been a true value to our sales team.”

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