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IBM Pulse – RFID Global Solution

This week (March 4-7, 2012), I was working with RFID Global Solution in Las Vegas during IBM Pulse.  RFID Global Solution provides real time asset tracking through a software program called Visi-Trac.  At this event, our focus was to showcase the newest version of Visi-Trac which is designed for the healthcare industry (tracking people and equipment in hospitals, for example).

Robyn Davis (WINH) worked with RFID Global Solution at IBM Pulse.

Nancy Kingston (IT Asset Tracking/Data Center Leader), Diana Hage (CEO), and Robyn Davis (WINH) at IBM Pulse.

My responsibilities on-site were to assist in setting up and tearing down the 10×10 booth, engage attendees in conversation, demonstrate Visi-Trac in a way that professionals across various vertical markets (not just those in healthcare) could relate to, and obtain complete contact information for qualified leads.  At this event, there was also a heavy focus on exploring partnering opportunities with IBM representatives and their partner companies.  My presence in the booth enabled RFID Global Solution’s executive staff to balance their time between responsibilities (like off-site meetings, conference sessions, and important ongoing work) while still providing visitors with a consistently positive experience.

The format of IBM Pulse provided reception hours in the exhibit hall most evenings so that participants could network in a relaxed atmosphere.  One night, there was a special reception outside of the exhibit hall.  We attended this as well… Here are a few pictures from the Maroon 5 concert at Pulse Palooza:

Pulse Palooza

The crowd at Pulse Palooza (2012 IBM Pulse)

Maroon 5 at Pulse Palooza (2012 IBM Pulse)

Maroon 5 at Pulse Palooza (2012 IBM Pulse)

Maroon 5 at Pulse Palooza (2012 IBM Pulse)

Maroon 5 at Pulse Palooza (2012 IBM Pulse)

– Comments from Diana Hage, CEO at RFID Global Solution –

“Robyn’s positive attitude and organized approach to lead cultivation were very helpful in drawing interest to our booth.  Trade show execution advice was very helpful, I look forward to Robyn assisting with planning for our Spring show.  Robyn has been a very welcome addition to our team and we will definitely work with her firm at future events.”

After growing up with self-employed parents, graduating with an Aerospace Engineering degree, and a short stint as a trade show "Booth Bunny," Robyn started When I Need Help (WINH) to show professionals a better way to maximize their exhibiting results. Need help with your next trade show? Contact Robyn.