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AAPG – Fugro-Jason

This week (April 22 to 25, 2012), I was in Long Beach to assist Fugro-Jason with their exhibiting efforts at AAPG.  Fugro-Jason is one of the operating companies (under parent company Fugro); their focus is reservoir characterization and modeling.

This was the third event for which I have been contracted by Fugro-Jason;
read about my participation in SPE ATCE 2011 and SEG 2011.

Robyn Davis (WINH) worked with Fugro-Jason at AAPG

Donna Rogers (Fugro-Jason Technical Expert) and Robyn Davis (WINH) at AAPG

My main responsibilities on-site were to help attendees feel welcome and attended to, highlight the technical presentations that would be given by our experts, assist our visitors in selecting the most appropriate sessions to attend and/or coordinating a time to meet with our company representatives for personal software demonstrations, and to invite current and potential clients to an evening reception.  During this event, I was also focused on identifying the specific areas upon which Fugro-Jason could improve their future exhibiting efforts in preparation for a busy fall trade show schedule.

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