Day 1: What if... the power goes out in the middle of your virtual meeting/event?

Day 2: What if... you aren't 100% confident your in-person trade show will actually happen?

Day 3: What if... no one visits your virtual trade show booth?

Day 4: What if... no one visits your in person trade show booth?

Day 5: What if... another virtual trade show (for the same audience, before yours) doesn't go well?

Day 6: What if... you really need your show contact (now), but you can't get in touch with them?

Day 7: What if... your lead data isn't being collected/saved as expected?

Day 8: What if... a key component of your on-site exhibiting set-up is damaged or missing?

Day 9: What if... your subject matter expert/speaker doesn't show up for your virtual meeting/event?

Day 10: What if... a key trade show component is wrong when it's posted or shared?