Trade Show Summer School Accessibility Statement

At Exhibitors WINH LLC, our goal is to provide helpful content and advice to all of the exhibitors and exhibition organizers who are open to learning and growing. As such, we are working hard to make our program as accessible as we can, within the constraints provided (e.g. limited time/budget, as this is a free program we're creating for the industry around our other commitments).

Website Accessibility

Specifically, we're working meet the WCAG 2.1 standards for our website. Based on the checks we've run through the WAVE Accessibility Checker and manual tests, we haven't detected any errors.

That said, there are a few non-essential improvement areas that we've identified: for example, ARIA landmarks aren't included in our web design tool options and our web design tool uses a very small text size on our countdown clocks. Unfortunately, we don't have an expected completion date for these at this time, but will update this page, when appropriate.

Session Accessibility

For the Trade Show Summer School sessions, we've included closed captions (AI-generated during the session and human-edited for the recordings) and, because we're using Zoom as our platform, you're welcome to join us via computer or phone - whichever you prefer.

Additionally, we're working to continue learning about best practices for accessible presentations and to incorporate those into each session.

Any issues? Need other accommodations? Let us know!

We're open to your feedback and continuously looking for improvement opportunities. Please contact us via email ( or phone (614-657-7412) with any questions or suggestions. Thank you!