Bingo Rules

Wondering how Trade Show Summer School Bingo works? Scroll down for detailed information and feel free to email with any additional questions.


All Trade Show Summer School Bingo participants must be 18 years of age or older; entries may not be submitted by anyone employed by or related to anyone employed by Exhibitors WINH LLC. Void where prohibited by law.


Trade Show Summer School Bingo submissions will be accepted between May 20 and August 12, 2020. We will attempt to contact each "winner" via email by 5pm ET on August 19, 2020. Winners must respond by 5pm ET on August 21, 2020 to claim their prizes.

** If you would like to view a list of winners, please email on or after August 24, 2020.


There are 12 opportunities to win a "bingo" and earn an entry into our prize drawing - each completed column, row, and diagonal set of squares constitutes a "bingo."

Your "bingo" will not be counted as an "eligible entry" unless it is submitted (with verifiable qualifying information) on the Trade Show Summer School Bingo submission form. We will notify you at the email address provided in your submission if we receive a submission from you that is missing information or is unable to be verified for another reason.

There is no purchase required to win a prize in Trade Show Summer School Bingo. In fact, purchasing services from Exhibitors WINH LLC (or anyone else) will not impact your chance of winning in any way.


25 prizes are available, including:

  • (1) Opportunity to gift a Q+A Webinar to your favorite trade show
  • (1) Opportunity to gift a "Baby Steps" consulting package to your favorite exhibitor
  • (3) Individual 20-minute video consulting sessions
  • (5) New Exhibitors WINH LLC SWAG sets
  • (5) Gift cards or charitable donations - you'll choose from a list of options like Starbucks, Dunkin, Panera, Amazon, Habitat for Humanity, American Cancer Society, World Wildlife Fund, COVID-19 Response Fund, etc.
  • (10) Social media shout outs on LinkedIn and Twitter

Note: The total value for all prizes is approximately $3,850; you may not choose to receive cash instead of the prizes above. Also, winners/recipients will be solely responsible for any tax payments required as a result of winning.


The 25 prize winners will be selected by Robyn at Exhibitors WINH LLC according to the number of "eligible entries" (50%) and the persuasiveness of answers to "why do you want to win the prize(s) you've selected" (50%) submitted out of all verified submissions received by the deadline.

If not all prizes are selected in the entries received or if fewer than 25 eligible entries are received, every eligible entry that corresponds with an available and selected prize will be awarded; however, some prizes will not be awarded. In other words:

  • If you submit twelve eligible entries, but have only indicated that you want to win one prize, the maximum number of prizes you can win is one (if you only indicate that you're interested in one prize, you only have the opportunity to win that prize, no matter how many eligible entries you submit).
  • If you have indicated that you want to win all of the prizes, but have only submitted one eligible entry, the maximum number of prizes you can win is one (if you only submit one eligible entry, you have only one opportunity to win a prize, no matter how many prizes you've indicated that you're interested in winning).
  • Regardless of the total number of entries we receive, if (for example) there are only three eligible entries that have indicated that they're interested in the five available Exhibitors WINH LLC SWAG sets, each of those three entries will win a SWAG set, but there still will be two SWAG sets left over that won't be given away.
  • Also, if (for example) we only receive one entry for each of the six prize categories, each of those prizes will be given away, but there will still be two individual 20-minute video consulting sessions, four Exhibitors WINH LLC SWAG sets, four gift cards or charitable donations, and nine social media shout outs left over that won't be given away.

If you have changed your mind and don't want (or can't use) the prize you've won, you may decline it and we will draw an alternate winner instead, up to two additional times, if enough eligible entries remain.


If you win one or more prizes, we will contact you at the email address you provided in your submission(s) to coordinate delivery.

Additional information may be required before we can deliver your prize(s), for example:

  • Service-based prizes, like the Q+A Webinar, "Baby Steps" consulting package, and consulting sessions will require contact information (for the intended recipient) and some coordination for the actual service, just like for our paid clients
  • Physical prizes, like the Exhibitors WINH LLC SWAG sets, will require your mailing address and item-specific information, like your t-shirt size
  • Virtual prizes that can't be delivered by email, like the social media shout outs, will require your social media links so we can "tag" you; other virtual prizes, like the gift cards/charitable donations, will require your choice (from a list of options) so we can send the right one


Submitting a "bingo" does not add you to our mailing list - we will contact you to let you know if you win, but if you'd like to receive other communications from us, you will need to opt-in to our mailing list separately. You can do this when you register for a Trade Show Summer School session or on the sign up form here.

When you submit your "bingo," you are giving us permission to include your full name and organization on our "winners list" for Trade Show Summer School Bingo, along with your answer to "why do you want to win the prize(s) you've selected" - this information may be shared on our website and by email, social media, and/or press release. We will not publish, trade, or sell any of your direct contact information.


If you have any questions or need any additional clarification, please contact Exhibitors WINH LLC by email (, phone (614-657-7412), or mail (9769 Palmeston Place; Johns Creek, GA 30022).