New program benefits

Every year, we make updates to the Trade Show Summer School program's offerings based on your suggestions (and our observations/experiences).

This year, we have five big improvements to share with you:

1 - Turn on captions

Read along with Robyn by toggling captions on during each live session and recording. Captions for live sessions won't be 100% accurate (they're generated by AI), but the recording captions will be edited by humans, so they'll be much closer to perfect by the time you re-watch your favorite sessions.

2 - Prove your attendance

If you attend a session live for the full 30 minutes, you will receive a certificate of attendance that you can print and share internally or post on social media to show off your on-going efforts to learn and grow, professionally.

3 - Pick Robyn's brain

Each week, Robyn opened a set number of times on her calendar to speak with Trade Show Summer School participants, like you, one-on-one.

Although the summer meeting times are no longer available, if you have any extra questions about a session topic or aren't sure how you can apply something Robyn said to your events (specifically) or there's anything else you'd like to discuss, please feel free to email Robyn with your request(s) and we'll try to help anyway.

4 - Remember and apply more

Don't let outside distractions derail your progress - if you are based in the US or Canada and opt-in to receive text messages, we're happy to send a few quick takeaways and helpful reminders following each session to keep you on track.

Simply text your code ("TSSS21E" for exhibitors and "TSSS21O" for exhibition organizers - only the part in between the quotation marks, not including them) to 833-632-0387 now and you'll receive all of the messages all summer long.

5 - Register with less hassle (CLOSED)

Interested in attending more than one Trade Show Summer School session this year? This time-saving solution is for you!

If you completed the bulk registration form before June 10 at 5pm ET, you should have received your confirmation emails with access information and "add to calendar" links for each of the sessions you requested on June 11 (if you can't find them, even in SPAM, please reach out so we can help you resolve this).

Note: If you missed the deadline, don't worry - bulk registration is closed, but you can still register for every session you're interested in attending, individually, just like in previous years.