What does the program include?

This NEW group program for exhibition organizers (focused on "reinventing your exhibitor and sponsor support efforts for 2022 and beyond") gives you the flexibility to engage with each month's topic (and your peers!) as much or as little as you wish, in real time or anytime, according to your availability and interest.

Enroll today and, every month, you'll enjoy:

woman waving at computer (video call)

Live Video Meetings

Each 45-minute live video meeting will include three parts:

  • A quick lesson/introduction to that month's topic from Robyn (live and recorded)
  • Structured discussion time with your peers, responding to pre-determined prompts in breakout rooms (live only)
  • Debrief (quick reminders from Robyn and takeaways from you/your peers, as a group - live only)
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Online Forums

Next, at your convenience, you can re-watch Robyn's lesson/introduction and add your questions, ideas, examples, and other thoughts to your group's online forums.

This way, even if you can't attend the live video meetings, you can still learn about the topic and collaborate with your peers.

** Forums are available online 24/7 and can be accessed via the web or a mobile app.

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Other Resources

Finally, if you'd like to and your schedule permits, you'll have an opportunity to dig deeper into each month's topic.

For example, you can:

  • Review relevant resources, like worksheets and educational content (which will be provided, when appropriate)
  • Connect with fellow group members for one-on-one chats or meetings on your own

Ultimately, this program will be as beneficial as you (and your fellow group members) make it... As your facilitator, Robyn will provide the structure and the starting point, but where you take it from there is up to you!

But wait, there's more!

In addition to the key program components listed above, here are a few other perks you will enjoy as a member of this new group program:


Before the program officially begins, you'll have time to get acclimated to the platform, meet Robyn, and get organized for the year ahead (with bonus tips to help you maximize your participation).


Every month, in the online forums, Robyn will provide specific feedback and advice to improve at least one real life example (submitted by you or one of your peers)... more, if time permits!

Class List

So that you can connect with your peers one-on-one, outside of the group platform, you'll receive a list of contact information for each of the other group members (as long as you opt-in to share yours in return).


At the end of the year, you'll have a chance to show off all of your hard work and new knowledge - not just with reinvented exhibitor support efforts - but, also, with a personalized certificate of completion.

Optional Add On: Informal Communications Review

In this special two-hour video call ($1,000 value), you'll meet with Robyn one-on-one to discuss your current exhibitor communications plan (topics, timing, methods, etc.). She will help you identify your biggest areas of opportunity for improvement, so you can address any major issues right away and prioritize your time better moving through the rest of the program.

CMP Preferred Provider

Bonus (if eligible): 9 CMP CE Credits

This program has been pre approved for 9 CMP CE credits (as below). We'll submit the first half in July and the rest in December. To earn your credits, all you have to do is attend the live group call or watch the recording of my introduction/lesson and comment in the forum each month.

Note: Exhibitors WINH LLC has been approved by the Events Industry Council (EIC) as a Preferred Provider of the below-listed continuing education courses, which qualify for CMP continuing education credit. Determination of continuing education credit eligibility or Preferred Provider status does not imply EIC’s endorsement or assessment of education quality.

Want to "reinvent your exhibitor support efforts"?

You're in the right place! Click the big button below to enroll in our new group program today.


To refresh your memory, this program includes:


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man drinking coffee and typing on phone


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+ 9 CMP CE CREDITS (if eligible - see above)

CMP Preferred Provider

How much time is needed to be successful?

Your time is valuable and, if you're like most exhibition organizers, very limited. We expect that, with a small investment of time in this program, you'll be able to do more for your exhibitors in less time (as you'll be shortening your learning curve significantly).

The minimum availability you'll need for this program is one hour per month - this gives you enough time to tackle any logistics elements for the program (like reviewing reminders and submitting your availability), plus attend the 45-minute live video meeting OR watch the recording from the lesson/introduction and contribute to the online forums at your convenience.

That said... if you can squeeze in at least another hour or two of focused time each month, that would be much better - then, you won't have to choose between participating in real time or on demand; you can do both, plus you'll be able to take full advantage of the other resources! One more benefit: with this extra availability, you'll be able to revisit each topic as often as you'd like throughout the month and at other times throughout the year (coming back for more feedback/ideas as you work to implement what you're learning in real life).


Pro Tip - NOW is the perfect time to start a program like this... here's why:

Over the past couple years, our industry has been in a weird holding pattern... in that time, you've had a chance to "pivot" and "transition," plus you've learned a bunch of new technologies and skills. But, now, professionals around the world are moving on - so, it's time for you make some tough choices about your future.

  • Will you go backwards and try to recreate everything as it used to be?
  • Or, will you move forward to create a future that works even better for you and your exhibitors?

Ultimately, your exhibitors are ready to take the next steps, but they need your guidance and leadership to feel confident in doing so!

** This program is designed to give you the tools and the support you need to work through that decision making process in a productive way. Our goal is to help you help yourself and your exhibitors take advantage of this unique opportunity to reset, refocus, and reimagine your future, one achievable baby step at a time.

What (else) you need to know:

Who should participate?

This program is designed for exhibition organizers who want to improve their exhibitor support efforts, one achievable baby step at a time.

It's a great fit for the person (or people) responsible for exhibitor success at your organization, whether you host for-profit or not-for-profit/association trade shows.

Otherwise, you don't need any specific experience or credentials - as long as you're willing to show up consistently (and invest at least one hour per month in this program), you're welcome to join!

Who shouldn't participate?

As we mentioned, this program is just for exhibition organizers (not supplier partners or exhibitors).

Also, it's very interactive (with group discussions, in real time and online), so if you aren't interested in engaging with or learning from others, it may not be a good fit.

Finally, if you aren't open to new ideas, if your organization isn't on board with the concept (no "buy in"), or if you're already confident that your exhibitor support efforts are close to perfect, it's unlikely that you'd benefit from this program.

What can I learn?

This program was inspired by a session Robyn has taught for IAEE, IMEX America, and Trade Show Summer School.

You will learn:

  • 8+ categories of exhibitors who need your help in their own ways,
  • several types and levels of support that you should consider offering,
  • three action steps to get your new efforts up and running the right way,
  • plus quick tips for your exhibitor communications.

Can my coworker(s) participate with me?

Absolutely - please encourage any relevant coworkers to enroll themselves too, so they have full access to the program and can complete it alongside you.

If it would make things easier for you, logistically, we're happy to help you enroll all of your team members with one form/payment - please reach out to info@ExhibitorsWINH.com to get that process started right away.

Can I pick and choose which months I'll participate?

Technically, yes (as there aren't any activity requirements); however, practically, this program is a year-long commitment and, in order to "get your money's worth," it makes sense to take advantage of every lesson.

In other words: you're paying for all 12 months of programming whether you participate consistently or not :) And, in order to create the best experience for everyone, we do hope you'll choose to be engaged in every lesson.

When will I have access to the platform and content?

The program officially begins this month and you'll receive access information for the platform on/before January 7, 2022.

Content will be created/shared monthly in live video meetings and within the online platform.

Once available, you'll maintain access to the content until the end of the year (December 31, 2022).

Who is Robyn?

Robyn Davis, CPTD is the Owner of Exhibitors WINH LLC and your facilitator for this program.

She has been specializing in exhibitor success for more than 12 years and works primarily with major American trade show organizers to create custom exhibitor success programs that can improve engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty/retention.

Why are you offering this program?

A custom exhibitor success program (our core service) is just one part of your exhibitor support efforts; organizers have asked if/how we can help them with the rest and we haven't had a good answer... until now.

Selfishly, we enjoy helping people who want our help. This program gives us an opportunity to do even more of that.

How can I ask other questions about this program or something else?

Please don't hesitate to reach out via the chat box in the bottom right corner of this page.

Alternatively, you can email (info@ExhibitorsWINH.com), call (614-657-7412), or send a message to Robyn directly through LinkedIn (linkedin.com/in/whenineedhelp) any time - we'll reply as soon as we can :)