Tools & Resources

In addition to the Trade Show Summer School sessions, you may also enjoy these free tools and resources...


Whether you're working from home or in an office, it can be tough to focus...

Download and print these "Do Not Disturb" door signs (PDF), so you can enjoy each session with fewer unnecessary interruptions.

Do Not Disturb


You have a lot on your mind, but you don't have to forget a single takeaway!

Download and print these worksheets (PDF) to record your weekly and overall takeaways from Trade Show Summer School.


Every educational webinar is accompanied by an educational article.

These will be added to Robyn's LinkedIn publishing page each week, so be sure to check back often to find the newest content!


Checklists, and talking points, and infographics, oh my! For each Trade Show Summer School session, Robyn will share a bonus resource to help you apply what you've learned.

These bonuses are a special perk exclusively for mailing list subscribers... just like the session recordings... so, if you'd like to receive these along with other updates/resources from Robyn, be sure to sign up (using the form at right or by opting in when you register for any session)!


Need More Help?

Check out the Exhibitors WINH LLC website to learn about additional support options for trade show organizers and exhibitors, for example:

  • Award-winning exhibitor success programs
  • Strategic training and consulting services
  • Speaking - keynotes, workshops, and roundtables
  • Content creation - articles, videos, and social media posts