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You're invited! My friend and go-to resource for all things trade show-related (Robyn at Exhibitors WINH LLC) is hosting a free webinar on Wednesday at 11am PT - get the details & register to attend at #TSSS2020

I can't wait for Wednesday's Trade Show Summer School session! It's all about [session topic] and will be presented by my favorite trade show trainer, Robyn Davis... join me? #TSSS2020

Plans for Wednesday at 2pm ET? Come to Trade Show Summer School (learn more at - it's free)! c/o @Robyn_WINH #TSSS2020

Want to have fun and support [organization]? Play Trade Show Summer School bingo and enter to win a free training session for exhibitors at our trade show! Details and free registration at #TSSS2020 cc Robyn Davis

Bingo! With this post, I'm one step closer to another entry for the Trade Show Summer School contest where I can win free training, gift cards, and more... Want to play too? Go to #TSSS2020 cc @Robyn_WINH

ICYMI: Trade Show Summer School is every Wednesday in June and July - don't miss free webinars from @Robyn_WINH! Register at #TSSS2020

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