Sunday April 23rd 2017

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Question about Timing for Trade Show Design Updates

Wondering when you'll need to update your trade show designs (literature, display, staff attire, etc.) again? Read this Q+A for Robyn's expert advice. [Read More]

Question about Skipping Trade Show Literature to “Go Green”

Many exhibitors wonder if skipping trade show literature (to save the environment & their budgets) is the best idea... Read this Q+A for Robyn's advice. [Read More]

Question about Coping with Difficult Attendees

When industry professionals aren't as "professional" as you'd hope, you need to learn how to cope. Read this Q+A for easy strategies to help you deal with these difficult attendees. [Read More]

Build a Better Trade Show Image

In honor of this year's Build a Better Trade Show Image week, Robyn Davis is offering a special opportunity for exhibitors to prepare for upcoming events (at a 50% cost savings!)...

Click here to learn more about the Trade Show Success Assessment and "Next Steps" Summary and to get started today!

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Quick Tips

8 Easy Ways to End a Lengthy Game of Phone Tag

Quick Tips to End Phone Tag... like "offer an alternative method of communication that may be more convenient for the person you’re calling" and more! [Read More]

Sales Tips

12 Tips to Cope with the Most Common Causes of Travel Stress

What's the toughest part of travel for you? Read this article to learn how to deal when travel stress is getting you down... [Read More]

25 Tips for Successful Trade Show Speaking Engagements (Presentations)

Trade show presentations are a great way to show what you know to your target audience... but, there's a lot to consider... use these tips to do your best. [Read More]

7 Takeaways for Troubled Businesses from “Tabatha Takes Over”

Is there any room for improvement in your business? Read this article for seven takeaways from TV's "Tabatha Takes Over" that will steer your business back towards success. [Read More]


What You Missed in May [Robyn’s Recap for June 2014]

Check out these exciting updates from When I Need Help (WINH) in June 2014: Trade Show Tips - Free "Get Better Booth Traffic" Video Series - VIP Days Invitation - and More! [Read More]

Marketing Tools

My Favorite Marketing Lesson from Randi Zuckerberg’s Demand Success Keynote

Learn one of my favorite Randi Zuckerberg quotes, three simple steps to apply her marketing advice to your business, and my advice on improving your trade show efforts too! [Read More]

What I Learned about Marketing Buzz from Gavin DeGraw in Concert

Although each of the performers on the Mermaids of Alcatraz tour were great, I was most captivated by Gavin DeGraw and the marketing buzz he created - read this article to learn how you can repeat his success. [Read More]

Benefits and Tips for Tangible Trade Show Sponsorships (like Lanyards, Bags, and Room Keys)

Considering a tangible trade show sponsorship (items like lanyards, bags, and room keys)? Find out the three goals they can help you achieve (as well as two they can't) and how to maximize your investment in this article. [Read More]

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Talking Trade Shows… Robyn Davis is Interviewed by Michael Trow

Talking Trade Shows… Robyn Davis is Interviewed by Michael Trow

In this 30 minute interview, Robyn Davis and Michael Trow discuss all things trade shows: how you can get involved, five key steps to success, what common mistakes you should avoid, and more! [Read More]

6 Dos and Don’ts for Sales Pros Involved with Trade Shows

6 Dos and Don’ts for Sales Pros Involved with Trade Shows

Sales professionals, learn how to behave as an exhibitor in your company's trade show booth with these six dos and don'ts (as originally written for and published by Paul Castain's Sales Playbook). [Read More]

Exhibitor Magazine Help! Column: Slow Show Strategies

Exhibitor Magazine Help! Column: Slow Show Strategies

A slow trade show can destroy your team's motivation and your company's results... Don't let that happen though; utilize these three tactics (as published in Exhibitor Magazine) to improve your attitudes and ROI. [Read More]

Storytelling Tips from Top TV Shows

Storytelling Tips from Top TV Shows

Castle, The Next Food Network Star, and The Apprentice are all popular television shows but, more importantly, each one can teach us something different about an essential sales skill: storytelling. [Read More]

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