Exhibitors - FINALLY, you can get REAL VALUE from VIRTUAL TRADE SHOWS

...even if you don't know where to start (and aren't sure it's possible)!


9/10 exhibitors say virtual trade shows "aren't as effective" as traditional trade shows... What do YOU think?

Exhibitors we know have told us they struggle with virtual trade shows because:

"I'm not sure it's worth it."

"We can't do what we usually do."

"I don't know what to expect."

"We go because it's the only option."

Source for statistic above: Explori, UFI, and SISO (August 2020)

Exhibitors we know also say they're "keeping an open mind" and "hopefully, I can get our company to think it through a little more..." What about YOU?

Imagine what comes next - if you could learn how to make virtual trade shows work, how do you think it would feel when you...?

Show your team what value you generated (in dollars and cents)

Find virtual-friendly ways to create the same impact you usually do

Outline what should happen before, during, and after your event

List the available alternatives and feel empowered to exhibit, not forced


Can't imagine it yet? Don't worry!

Virtual trade shows aren't new (as a concept), but with more organizations using them than ever before, they are new to a lot of exhibitors. That's why it's completely normal if you want to make them work, but still aren't confident you can.

If you're like other exhibitors we know, you may be asking yourself:

  • Should I (automatically) exhibit if my in-person trade show switches to virtual? How can I tell if it's worth the money?
  • How should my team engage with attendees in our virtual booth chat? Can we still do effective demos (if so, how)?
  • As a small (or any) exhibitor, how can my company stand out in the virtual exhibit hall... especially without all of our usual tactics?

A lot of exhibitors have just barely dipped their toe into the constantly growing pool of virtual trade shows (if at all). In fact, one of the most common things we hear from prospective virtual exhibitors is that they "don't know what they don't know" about virtual trade shows.

It's practically impossible to succeed if you aren't sure where to start (or what to do next)... That's why we've created Virtual Trade Show Value, a new program exclusively designed to help virtual exhibitors!

VTS Value Package

Virtual Trade Show Value

...Your 30-Day Crash Course in the 5 Essential Steps that Make Exhibiting Online Worth It!

CMP Preferred Provider

Earn CMP CE Credits!

Are you working to achieve or maintain your Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) status? This program can help!

Exhibitors WINH LLC is a CMP Preferred Provider and this program has been pre-approved for 1.5 CMP CE credits. After you complete all of the lessons, we'll submit the necessary information to the Events Industry Council (EIC) on your behalf. The credits you earned will automatically appear in your account (please allow at least a week for processing).

** Note: You must reply to each prompt in order to receive your CMP CE credits, this is the only way we can verify that you received and read all of the content. This is a good thing though, as it will help you make the most of the program!

"What impact could this program have on me?"

Based on our conversations with other virtual exhibitors, we expect that your journey may go a little something like this...


What you may be experiencing now (BEFORE):

  • Hesitating to participate in virtual trade shows due to "unknowns"
  • Scouring the internet for tips and ideas, without much luck
  • Struggling to determine, achieve, calculate, or explain the value of your participation
  • Feeling unsure and not so confident in team meetings (without good answers to even "basic" questions)
  • Cautiously hopeful for a future that fits what you've handled before

What you may start experiencing soon (AFTER):

  • Confidently deciding which virtual trade shows are a good fit
  • Reviewing your plan (and notes) to determine your best courses of action
  • Setting clear goals, selecting appropriate value types, and knowing the steps to calculate your results
  • Taking the lead in team meetings and feeling in complete control of your virtual trade show processes
  • Not stressing about your future, knowing you can handle anything

"What will I learn in this program?"

The Virtual Trade Show Value program is like a "crash course" in the five essential steps to virtual exhibiting success - in just 30 days, you will learn the strategic actions required (before, during, and after your virtual trade show) to make exhibiting "worth it."

The five essential steps covered in this program are:


Event Selection | Days 2-6

How to choose the right virtual trade show(s), including topics like:

  • Alternatives to exhibiting at your specific virtual trade show and considerations/criteria to help you make a smart decision
  • 5 sets of non-obvious questions to ask your virtual trade show organizer before you commit to participating
  • How to fill the "gaps" in the virtual trade show you've selected, plus a tip for uncovering any unexpected gaps


Initial Planning | Days 7-11

Where to start (after selecting your event) in getting yourself/your team organized for your virtual trade show, including topics like:

  • Two types of goals every virtual exhibitor should set (and how)
  • Quick tips to help you determine a firm timeline and budget (not just "a rough idea" of what you might end up with later)
  • One of the biggest keys to strategic initial planning success and what to do if you're met with resistance


General Preparations | Days 12-17

What else needs to happen before your virtual trade show officially begins, including topics like:

  • Three major virtual trade show design elements (exhibitor profile, booth design, and content), plus quick tips to accomplish more with each one
  • Success steps for pre-show marketing (how to do better than a typical virtual exhibitor)
  • How to choose your virtual trade show team and the three main components your strategic virtual trade show training should include


During-Show Efforts AND Follow Up | Days 18-26

What to do during and immediately after your virtual trade show, including topics like:

  • Advice on better utilizing three common interaction opportunities (within and outside of your booth)
  • Tips for selecting and incorporating the right attractions, with extra tips to make virtual demonstrations and SWAG more effective
  • How to structure your post-show follow up plan, including recommendations for communication timing, methods, and topics


Evaluation | Days 27-29

How to wrap up your participation in a virtual trade show, including topics like:

  • Three keys to virtual trade show evaluation success
  • Two areas you should evaluate after every virtual trade show (plus one "bonus area" you should evaluate at least once per year), with specific questions to ask yourself in each area
  • Quick tips to help you create and share a post-show report that's actually helpful to your stakeholders (and to you)

(Looking for a more specific list of topics, broken out day-by-day? Click here.)

"What exactly is included in Virtual Trade Show Value?"

In addition to an opportunity to earn 1.5 CMP CE credits (as explained above), participants in this program, will enjoy:

30 Days of Lessons

VTS Value Course

30 lessons, with 2-5 "bonus content" opportunities per day (including additional ideas, tips, and reflection questions), delivered to your phone

Printable Workbook


30+ page printable PDF to help you process and remember what you've learned, with a checklist of course topics and space for structured note taking

"Wait - who is Robyn?"

Robyn is your program facilitator for Virtual Trade Show Value. Here are some of the things exhibitors and event organizers have said about her on social media:

Quotes about Robyn

Choose the Virtual Trade Show Value delivery option that's right for you!

North American Participants

30-Day Course via text message (weekdays only) and Printable Workbook

VTS Value Package


Global Participants
(Outside USA/Canada)

30-Day Course via WhatsApp (daily messages) and Printable Workbook

VTS Value Package


"Did you say text message?!"

Yes - all 30 "daily" lessons (weekdays only) for this program will be sent to you via text message!

Texting is:

  • Convenient - you may not be at your desk every weekday (or even every week)... but we'd bet you have your phone with you around the clock!
  • Easy - you don't have to remember extra passwords or do anything special to access the lessons... just read and reply to each text when it comes to your phone!
  • Quick - each lesson takes less than five minutes to read... even if you say yes to all of the bonus tips (which we definitely recommend)!
  • Fun - in addition to the "how to" tips and expert advice, we've included short examples and ideas to help you remember and apply what you learn!
  • The perfect delivery system for this program!

"How long will it take?"

Everyone reads at different speeds, but we expect that each day's content will only take you a few minutes to read. To get the most value out of this program, we recommend scheduling a 5-10 minute block of time on your calendar every weekday, with extra time to do the longer projects... the ones you should be doing to prepare for your virtual trade show anyway (things like designing your booth, training your team, and creating your follow up plan)... each week.

The "lesson" part for each weekday is about 200 words, a couple minutes of reading to cover the main concepts for that day

Most days, there are 2-4 (optional) "text back" prompts, under 150 words each, with reflection questions and extra tips

Implementing what you've learned is the ultimate goal - timing will vary, but you can do this anytime you'd like.

"Who can Virtual Trade Show Value help the most?"

With major in-person trade shows "on pause" and many, many virtual trade shows to consider, now is the perfect time for a lot of exhibitors (maybe even you!) to complete this program... If any of these statements sound like you, Virtual Trade Show Value may be a great fit for you:

You don't know what value is possible (or how to get it)

You aren't a virtual trade show expert (yet) and you want to learn

You can't seem to translate what you usually do into online events

You have something to prove to your team... and yourself

You aren't always at your desk, but you keep your phone handy

"Is there anyone this program can't help?"

Absolutely - it's impossible for one solution to be the perfect fit for everyone (and that's okay!). If any of these statements sound like you, this program is probably not the right fit for your situation:

Anyone who is already a pro at virtual exhibiting

Anyone who isn't exhibiting at a virtual trade show

Anyone who is just looking for a "quick fix" for now

Anyone who needs a super "deep dive" into each topic

Anyone who doesn't want to learn by texting

"How soon can I get started?"

You can start RIGHT NOW - click here to enroll!


Here's what happens after you officially join Virtual Trade Show Value:

Part 1: Check your inbox - you'll receive an automated "welcome email" with next steps (and your printable workbook!) very soon!

Please be sure to read/reply to that email ASAP so we can get you added into our system right away.

Part 2: Keep an eye out for your first lesson!

We add participants into the course every Wednesday, based on who has registered by 5pm ET on that Tuesday (with paid enrollment and completed information form, as noted above).

If you complete this process after 5pm ET on a Tuesday - don't worry, you'll just receive your first text message the following Wednesday instead (note: if you're in a big hurry, please email us - we'll do our best to accommodate you, if we can).

Are you in the right place? Please confirm:

You're here because, like many exhibitors, you're struggling to find the value in virtual trade shows, you're having a hard time figuring out what works in this unfamiliar environment (especially compared to what used to work for you face-to-face), and you aren't sure how to do this on your own...

That said, especially because "virtual is the way things are" for now, you really do want to do your best (even though things are totally crazy and you have a million other tasks to complete, of course).

So, by popular request, this program, Virtual Trade Show Value, is your 30-day crash course in the 5 essential steps that make exhibiting online worth it! The 30 "daily" lessons (weekdays only for North American participants, every day for global participants) are delivered by text message (so quick and easy!).

In the end, it's your choice. If you want to keep trying to figure things out on your own, that's okay... but, if you want to know exactly what to do and feel confident that you're doing it properly, enroll in Virtual Trade Show Value today. You'll get your first lesson soon.

It's true! You can get Virtual Trade Show Value, even if...

...you have limited time!

You only need 5 minutes per day to complete each lesson (including "text back" prompts) - you can read and reply any time, any place... all from your phone!

...you have a limited budget!

Right now, you can get started for under $350. We chose this price point, not because that's all the program is worth (not even close!), but because we wanted every exhibitor we know to be able to afford it easily.

...you have limited staff!

Trade shows are a great equalizer for companies of all sizes. We kept small exhibitors in mind, specifically, when designing this program... you deserve value too!

Choose the Virtual Trade Show Value delivery option that's right for you!

North American Participants

30-Day Course via text message (weekdays only) and Printable Workbook

VTS Value Package


Global Participants
(Outside USA/Canada)

30-Day Course via WhatsApp (daily messages) and Printable Workbook

VTS Value Package


"What else can you tell me about Robyn?"

Here are some of the honors and awards Robyn at Exhibitors WINH LLC (your program facilitator) has received from reputable industry organizations/publications recently:


Pacesetter Award


Changemaker List


Best New Idea - Slam Dunk Award for RSNA

Exhibit City News

40 Under 40

Northstar Meetings Group

Top 25 Influencers of the Meetings Industry


BizBash 500/1000


40 Under 40

Smart Meetings

Smart Women in Meetings - Stellar Performer


Don't worry... your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Even though we can't guarantee your results (as those will depend on a number of factors, including your own effort)... we want you to be happy with this program!

As such, if you aren't satisfied for any reason, let us know within 14 days of your purchase, we'll refund your money hassle-free (seriously - just email us with "VTS Refund Request" in the subject - we'll process your refund request and close out your account within two business days)!

"What (exactly) happens when I enroll?"

The enrollment process is pretty straightforward... Here's how it works:

Package Options

Step 2

When the page redirects, submit your participant information form

Information Form

Step 3

Check your inbox for a "welcome email" with your workbook and next steps

Welcome Email

Step 4

Keep an eye out for your first text!

First Text

You've got questions... We've got answers!

"Can you invoice me?"

Yes! Please email VTS@ExhibitorsWINH.com with the subject "VTS Value Invoice Request" and include: your location (North America or somewhere else), correct contact name, title, and email address we should send to, and preferred payment method (credit card, check, or bank transfer).

"I'm not in the US - can I enroll?"

Yes! Our current system can send text messages to exhibitors across North America and, if you happen to live in another part of the world, we have access to another system that will work for you instead - the biggest difference is that you'll receive messages via WhatsApp (a free messaging app, that is common for global communications) every day for 30 days, but it's the exact same content.

Please email VTS@ExhibitorsWINH.com with the subject "Global Participant" for more information.

"Who should enroll in this program?"

If you are a business-to-business professional preparing to exhibit at a virtual trade show and could use a crash course in the strategies that work in this environment, this program may be a good fit for you. Click here to find out which professionals we believe are the most (and least) likely to benefit from Virtual Trade Show Value.

"Can other event professionals join too?"

Sure! Sometimes, event organizers, service providers (exhibit houses, promotional products suppliers, etc.), and those temporarily between related roles join our programs. Typically, they're trying to educate themselves on effective exhibiting strategy so they can be a better partner to their exhibitors... and we totally support that!

That said, if you're hosting a virtual (or traditional) trade show soon, perhaps you'd like to work together another way? We create and produce award-winning exhibitor success programs for MATSO members (Major American Trade Show Organizers) and others - please reach out to us at info@ExhibitorsWINH.com to discuss your situation and which other options, if any, may be a good fit.

"Just in case... do you offer refunds?"

We're confident in Virtual Trade Show Value and the benefits it can provide to virtual exhibitors, but if you don't end up loving it as much as we do, we want to fix that ASAP!

Basically, we can't guarantee your results (as those depend on a number of factors, including your own efforts), but we are happy to guarantee your satisfaction...

So, if you aren't satisfied for any reason, simply email VTS@ExhibitorsWINH.com within 14 days of your purchase date and we'll process your refund right away (if you use the subject line "VTS Value Refund" and include your confirmation number that will help us find you in our database quickly) - the 14 day deadline means you'll get to enjoy at least a week of lessons before deciding, regardless of when you enroll.

Note: if you request a refund, we'll get that processed and close out your account within two business days - as requested, you won't receive any more lessons via text message and you'll lose access to the upgrade items too.

"How can I contact you?"

If you have any additional questions about enrolling or anything else, please email us at VTS@ExhibitorsWINH.com. The Exhibitors WINH chat bot, Winnie, is also here for you (bottom right corner). Either way, we're happy to help!

Meet Robyn (Program Facilitator)

Robyn is known for her fresh perspective and process-driven approach to exhibitor success. Through her company, Exhibitors WINH LLC, Robyn provides strategic training and consulting services to exhibitors across industries and around the world, often as a valued partner to their event organizers.

Year-after-year, she presents educational sessions at industry events like ExhibitorLive, IMEX America, HCEA Connect, and others. She has written for industry publications like the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) blog, Exhibitor Magazine, MeetingsNet, TSNN, and others.

Robyn created this program because exhibitors like you asked her to - virtual trade shows aren't "normal" for most people, but with Robyn's help, you can get the value you need from them anyway!

Her degree is in Aerospace Engineering.