Thank you for your interest in the workshop recording for "Evaluate and Enhance Your Key Exhibitor Communications"

1 hour and 32 minutes

  • Review the six key components of an effective exhibitor communications plan, with at least four parts for each one
  • Evaluate your typical/planned communications, on your own (and with the help of Robyn and your peers - live only)
  • Identify areas of opportunity within each area and note tips/ideas to prioritize the “highest potential” opportunities (live only discussion)
  • List several key exhibitor communications and outline a plan to create these key pieces, starting during this workshop
  • List relevant resources and address as many questions as time permits

Your peers say...

"A bounty of useful takeaways that can be implemented almost immediately... Robyn is a great resource with a lot of diversity in experience."

"Session is well worth the time!"

"Robyn is a pro and facilitating the conversation and the course is well designed for evaluation and reflection on your current and future programs."