Thank you for your interest in the webinar recording for "How to Justify Exhibiting (Hint: ROI is Barely the Beginning)"

1 hour and 5 minutes

  • List 10+ types of quantifiable value you can obtain at most trade shows, with tips for actually quantifying the value you receive
  • Identify the two big goals every exhibitor should set and the two types of evaluation (focus-areas) you should complete for each trade show
  • Outline four different methods of demonstrating your exhibiting results (e.g. for reporting and/or internal discussion), along with a handful of quick tips for creating an effective post-show report
  • Identify relevant resources to support you in this process and address the questions that are top of mind for you

Your peers say...

"Robyn is one of the most knowledgeable people I have found when it comes to tradeshows. Her presentations are always overflowing with valuable information and takeaways.."

"I have better direction on what to provide to the management team when it comes to deciding tradeshow participation, and why our company needs to have presence at the tradeshow."

"Robyn was well organized and on point and the session was very informative."