Pictures and an important (business) lesson from the James Island County Park holiday lights

Just like at our trade shows, this event welcomed sponsorships from relevant businesses. There were a variety of lights displays and a wide range of (mostly large/small local) sponsors, but the sponsorships I remembered the most were when the company had some sort of tie in to the display.

For example, one in particular is for the Pain Center and it's next to a display depicting the old nursery rhyme that starts "Jack be nimble..." with an animated boy (Jack, we presume) who is jumping over a lit candle... their business could likely be a big help to Jack if he's not quite as nimble or quick as needed to safely jump back and forth all night.

Santa riding a motorcycle, sponsored by Low Country Harley-Davidson

Just like some sponsorships are crafted for specific exhibitors, I imagine this display was requested and then designed/built, specifically, for Harley-Davidson.

It was a great (perhaps unexpected) addition to the show (which makes it even more memorable) and a perfect fit for this sponsor.

Fishing person sponsored by fishing supplies company

Other sponsorships feel more like a happy coincidence. As the lights are displayed in a park, it makes sense that there'd be a character fishing nearby.

This local "rod and reel" company probably didn't have to request this display to be made just for them, but it is perfectly aligned with their offerings.

A tunnel of constantly changing lights sponsored by a roofing company

Other sponsorships are noticed by their value first and then, when you check the sponsor, you realize the connection instantly.

That's how I felt about this tunnel of constantly changing lights - it's sponsored by a local roofing company, who likely wanted to highlight (ha - highLIGHT!) the innovative and modern aspects of their business with a useful, but also interesting, display.

Caroling penguins in front of an igloo, sponsored by The Best Rentals

Finally, here's an example of a more subtle sponsorship. The main focus is the penguins (who happen to be caroling at the North Pole); however, that wasn't the entire display.

The penguins are pictured in front of an igloo (reinforcing the North Pole theme), which connects nicely to the sponsor - a rental company, which offers premier rental properties that fit this area (e.g. a beach rental in Charleston is a nice parallel to an igloo at the North Pole).